We proudly specialize in doggy daycare, dog boarding and dog walking services. Whether you're on the hunt for a fun and loving doggy daycare to watch over your furry friend while you are at work, a friendly home to board your beloved pooch while you are traveling, or if it's simply dog walking services that you require, WE DO IT ALL!

Best of all we don't discriminate, our philosophy is there are no bad dogs, only dogs with different personalities and different needs. "The Woofer Walkers" practice the theories of Cesar Millan- the “Dog Whisperer” and believe when your dogs needs are met behavioral problems can be minimized or simply disappear.

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One on One & small group Woofer Walks
  "The Woofer Walkers" dog walking services will ensure that you when you come home from work at the end of a long day and are ready to put your feet up and relax, your dog will be happy to join you instead of begging you for a walk! 
Pee Potty Breaks
  The benefits of a potty break for your dog will ensure that you won't come home to "accidents" on your carpet. Pee breaks are also especially important to your pets health!
It is very bad for your pets urinary tract and bladder health to hold a full bladder of pee pee in all day long! Not to mention the physical discomfort of having" to hold a full bladder of pee pee in for hours and hours.

"The Woofer Walkers" offers potty break services for those clients who just need someone to go to their home and put their furry friend out for a potty break. We will also give him or her some cuddles and maybe a snack or meal, should you require it.
Boarding Services
  A friendly and safe home to board your beloved pooch while you are traveling is what you desire. "The Woofer Walkers" dog boarding services will allow you rest at ease while you are traveling, knowing your doggy is living in a VERY loving and friendly home and sleeping on beds and getting lots of love and kisses when you have to be away from him or her. We will send you daily updates and pictures and / or videos of your furry friend. Space is limited so we can give our undivided attention to each of our furry guest, so call ahead for availability.
Doggy Daycare
  A fun and loving doggy daycare to watch over your furry friend while you are at work. "The Woofer Walkers" doggy daycare services will make your life easier because you will have a much happier and relaxed pet at the end of your day and you wont come home to a bored and restless dog!
Pick-up and Delivery
  "The Woofer Walkers" are located in the City of Richmond, BC. and we are very happy to offer pick up and delivery services to all our dog boarding and and doggy daycare clients who do not reside in Richmond. Rates vary by location please call for availability & pricing.

"The Woofer Walkers" also offer FREE pick up and delivery to all our dog walking clients who reside within Richmond.
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